‘I’m obsessed with Primark and can easily spend £1,000 when I go shopping there’

Now, let’s be honest, we all love a good trip to Primark as much as the next person – from Disney pyjamas to floral bedding and cheap shoes, they’ve got everything a guy or gal could possibly want.

And it’s fair to say we’ve spent a few hours scouring the shelves in our nearest store to find some bargains.

But if we thought we were obsessed with the shop, one woman has certainly shown us up and proved us wrong.

Fruzsi Holub, a hospitality worker from Lausanne in Switzerland, has revealed how she is willing to travel miles, spend up to eight hours at a time shopping in Primark and has been known to splash out €1000 (£902) during a spree.

The 36-year-old says the high street shop has had a very special place in her heart since she first discovered it back in 2006.

At the time, she had just moved to Ireland – where the chain is known as Penneys.

The fashion lover said Penneys was the first shop she ever visited in Ireland and once she stepped inside, it was like “love at first sight”.

However her love affair with Primark has had to go long distance, due to her living permanently in Switzerland.

Now she plans visits to stores around the world twice-a-year, taking her mum and sister with her on shopping trips to celebrate special occasions like birthdays.

Fruzsi recently made her biggest shopping trip yet to a Primark in France, loading up her car boot to go home at the end of the day with 18 bags full of jeans, shirts, trousers, dresses, duvets and shoes.

She said: “Primark is more than just shopping for me. My mother taught me how important appearance is and the warmth of home. She also loved Primark!

“The most I have spent is nearly €1000 and that was 18 shopping bags. I can’t wait to wear my new chic boots and my classic white shirt which I have been looking for so many years.”

She continued: “I love the quality of Primark’s clothes and they have such a wide size range – it’s great!

“Whenever I get to visit the store, I find all the staff so helpful and their kindness, customer service and problem solving ability is amazing.”

Despite not being able to visit often, the shopaholic always makes the most of her trips to the store, stocking up on wardrobe essentials – and of course grabbing a blanket or two.

“Primark is a sense of life and let’s not forget that Primark has the softest blankets in the world,” she explained.

“We went by car most recently to Dijon as it’s only two-and-a-half hours from Lausanne. I left Primark with 18 bags as I always find special pieces!

“Covid didn’t affect our shopping trip. There were plenty of walkways available in the store and we only had to queue for 20 minutes at the checkout.”

After her most recent visit, Fruzsi shared her huge Primark shopping haul on Facebook and was shocked to see the post instantly went viral – however she believes this is because everyone loves Primark and described the shopping community as “one big family”.

Her snap of her car boot filled with bags raked up nearly 1,500 likes and hundreds of comments from fellow Primark shopping fans.

One user wrote: “Good on her! This is the dream.”

Another joked: “I thought I was bad! I would love to be like this even more lol.”

As a third pointed out: “OMG you have no space left in the car!”

Meanwhile another Facebook fan shared: “Blimey, now that’s a shopping spree! Would love to see what you got.”